The history of Kalayat town is continuous and ever-progressing since the legendary Mahabharata’s times. The legendary sage Kapil Muni carried out his devotional prayers and abstruse yoga on this holy land of Kalayat. His temple and shrines stand as national archeological monuments, and are in good and maintained condition. Thousands of devotees visit this holy site every year from far and wide. This land is included in the 48 square miles of the Holy Kurukshetra Land. In medieval times, the warriors of this land fought bravely against the foreign invaders and saved the area from atrocity. Thus, the legendary town of Kalayat is a true religious land in all respects and aspects. The men in this region are very hardy, brave and self-reliant. The women are very devoted to their household duties; and the girls are excellently good at studies. This very year, a girl from a neighboring village Kamalpur-Mataur has stood third in entire State in Matric exam. Two years back, a girl from Sanghan village had topped in Haryana Matric. Against this backdrop of the true tradition of yogic devotion, this College will emerge a premier institution in Kaithal district and the students will excel in studies.

As to the history of the College itself, it was started as Shri Kapil Muni Mahila College in 2001 by the people of Kalayat on the common land belonging to the Municipality of this town. The people donated the building and other infrastructure out of their personal pocket. This College continued to serve the area for seventeen years, and then under a special state-wide drive of opening Girls’ Colleges every twenty kilometers it was changed to a Govt. College for girls in July 2018, and has been named “Shri Kapil Muni Govt. College for Women, KALAYAT” in Kaithal district. On this historic decision, the entire Kalayat region felt heartily grateful to the Govt. of Haryana and to the local political leadership, as also to the Managing Committee of the erstwhile Private College, for making this long-cherished dream come true.